Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Take Your Fitness to a New Level!

Summer is finally just around the corner here in New Hampshire - and as the trees begin to look greener, the sun gets warmer, and the days get longer - Kama Fitness is gearing up for some new classes and workshops to keep you fit this summer!

Kama Fitness has had an amazing first year - from the birth of our little studio, watching it grow as our students have gotten stronger and more empowered- and learning to LOVE their workouts. 

We have had the privilege of being the FIRST and ONLY Aerial Yoga studio in New Hampshire that offers unique fitness classes including Aerial Pilates, Aerial Barre, Yoga UnWINEd, and Hip Hop Yoga ( in addition to MANY, MANY more fun classes that vary from intense to relaxing).

There are SO MANY new things happening here - and it's all very exciting! 
The girls of Kama Fitness have been working hard all year, and will be taking a Break from June 24 - July 5. Karlene will be hopping over to visit London and Dublin for a week, so there will be no classes until after the July 4th Holiday. Enjoy this time with family and friends -- 

And when we're back, be sure to dig into our Sweet Summer Savings with 3 Months of Unlimited Classes (that's July 5 - October 5) for only $299. No codes necessary, this special is live on our MindBody site for purchase now - grab it while it's hot! 

PLUS! - We will be having all  **new** fun fitness classes and workshops planned, such as

Yoga Flex - A mixture of vinyasa yoga flow with weights for intensity and calorie torching energy! 

Mommy and Me Aerial Fitness - Bring your little one Tuesday and Friday mornings for some bonding and play, all while getting stronger and toned. 

Off the Ground! Aerial Fitness 6 Week Summer Series -- Taking fitness to new heights instructing beginner aerial students to climb, wrap, and build strength through conditioning techniques that put the FUN in FUNctional fitness. Every Tuesday from 5:15 - 6:30 join us to take your fitness to a new level. 

Self Defense Workshops - taught by Peter Murphy, a coach and martial artist with over 30 years under his many black belts. Peter has been studying various forms of self defense in all parts of the world, coached world title champions, and was involved in special ops. Join him July 19 from 1-3 pm to learn the basics in risk management. 

Intro to Inversions Workshop - Always a fun time getting upside down. Karlene has a knack for getting beginners to engage their core, link their body and mind, and elevate their practice into basic arm balances and inversions. Sunday, July 12 we will be learning to fly. 

And finally this Fall 2015 we will expand our calendar to include weekly Intro to Aerial Fitness Workshops to BEGINNERS ONLY at our studio - every Sunday from 9:00- 10:00am. This workshop serves as a great introduction to using the aerial hammock as a tool for empowerment, therapy, and just plain fun to add to your fitness routine. 


We are offering so many new and exciting things for 2015 - and we hope you join us!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Adult Ballet at Kama Fitness -- Spring 2015

Need a good laugh? Want to kill 5 minutes? 

Head on over to Youtube and check out this masterpiece.... of our oh-so-talented staff at Kama Fitness doing some Ballet moves to Beyonce: 

At least you were entertained, right? If you dislike this video, please turn it off immediately, and we apologize. We are NOT professional dancers by any stretch of the imagination, but our Instructor, Kayla Lopez, is! 

Kayla is bringing her lifelong love of classical ballet to our little studio, for adults! New Hampshire doesn't seem to have many adult dance programs that are simply for fun, so Kayla's dream of running an adult ballet program has come to life. Kayla brings humor, fun, and professionalism to the table - all while giving you an amazing workout for your body and mind. 

Before we nail our Plies and Tendu, we can fake it, right?

And don't worry - this class does not require any background in any form of dance, nor are ballet shoes and tutus required. Kayla provides a workout that combines classical ballet moves with Barre and Pilates, using our portable barrres and our own bodies. 

Check out the Ballet Class here for more information, or just e-mail us directly!

If you are excited and want to sign up for a class, please visit our MindBody schedule to reserve your spot today. (Ballet classes are on Saturdays at 10:30 - a beautiful way to start your weekend) 

Here are a few pictures from our Back to Basics Ballet Workshop in April (for more, check out our Facebook page)

See you at the Barre!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter/ Spring 2015 at Kama Fitness

Brrrr..... it's been a cold winter! 

We've been trying to keep things warm and exciting at Kama Fitness. Our class schedule has expanded to include Aerial Yoga classes in the mornings (Wake Up Your Asana) and the Evening (Flex and Fly). We also are still offering our popular Aerial Barre and Aerial Pilates programs, and AcroFit for the bootcamp lovers. We also now offer Aerial Dance on the weekends, and Hip Hop Yoga for the dance lovers. And, of course, having some fun in between. 

During the last storm, our Instructors ventured out into the blizzard Juno and did a brief photshoot in the snow. 

Getting ready to head out in the storm!

Steph, one of our Yoga teachers, enjoying the cold. 

Karlene getting some play time on our new white silks. 

Meanwhile, indoors - we have some exciting new workshops coming up in February and March. February we will be offering a Partner Yoga Workshop by our friends Jess and Dan from Self Awakening Yoga Studio in Salem, NH. 

Jess and Dan will be leading this fun workshop on Saturday, February 21 from 1-3 to get friends off their feet and into different yoga poses using two bodies. For more information, or to sign up, check us out here.

Kama Fitness is also very pleased to announce the newest member to our team - Kayla Lopez -  a student from the Boston Conservatory and a lifetime lover of Ballet and movement. Kayla will be offering an Adult Ballet class on Saturday mornings at Kama Fitness starting in April. This class has no required dress code, and is perfect for anyone who has done Ballet, or has no experience at all!

For a taste of Adult Ballet, we will be holding an intro Workshop to Adult Ballet on March 29, from 1-3pm. 

Staining and sanding the new ballet barres for the studio. 

Ready to stretch and dance :) 

We hope to see you around for some of our new and exciting classes and workshops. Please check in on our main website - - to stay up to date and receive our newsletters. Can't Wait to Fly with You! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hip Hop Yoga!

Get ready - We have a new workout at our little fitness studio in New Hampshire - Hip Hop Yoga!

Come beat the winter blues, work up a sweat, and jam out to your favorite upbeat dance music. Hip Hop Yoga is a fusion of Dance and Power Yoga that is guaranteed to be a good time.  Check out my sped up version here when I was practicing alone at the studio: 

Come join the fun - and while you're at it, check out our Aerial Dance or Aerial Yoga classes, too! Here's a quick look of what Aerial Dance looks like on a silk yoga hammock: 

If Dance or Yoga isn't your thing, no worries! We also offer Aerial Barre and Aerial Pilates, as well as AcroFit conditioning classes. 

We recently have begun a monthly ritual of Yoga UnWined workshops, too - where we have one Friday a month of wine, chocolate, and restorative yoga on the mats. The lights are turned down, candles are burning, and it's all about laughter and relaxation. It makes for a great girls night.

 If you wish to sign up, you can look for the list of monthly workshops on our website here. But hurry- Yoga UnWined sells out fast! Be sure to reserve your spot soon. 

Yoga UnWined Workshop

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Aerial Silk - Aerial Sling

Want to know a secret? 

Well, it's not really a secret. 
But I have discovered the most fun and exhilarating way to get fit. It involves dropping (safely) in the air. 

Now, before you get all scared - give aerial fitness a chance.

I mean - the benefits from working against gravity, and using your own body weight to perform acrobatic tricks are awesome. You gain flexibility, your abs get ripped (no joke), your arms and back get toned from the constant pull ups, and your cardio is high intensity interval at its best. 

And the best part? It's FREAKIN FUN. 

(If you can't tell - it's also pretty addicting.) 
Now - I know that flying in the air on a piece of fabric or pole is not for everyone. From pole fitness, to lyra, trapeze, rope, and silks - it can get pretty overwhelming. The aerial fitness world is making a break through, but it can be a little daunting. I mean - you are falling. 

That's a big reason I keep Kama Fitness' aerial program near the ground. We have students performing dance, yoga, Pilates, and even Barre movements in the safety of a silk hammock rigged only a couple feet from the ground. 

We have a lot of fun in our little studio while getting into the best shape of our lives. We have created a unique and awesome fusion of dance, aerial, strength training, Yoga and Pilates to bring to life the classes at Kama Fitness in New Hampshire. 

Our instructors right now include an inspiring team of individuals with unique backgrounds and passions - Amy loves dance, Steph admires the mind-body connection, Peter brings an extensive martial arts background, and I have an obvious love of all things healthy and fitness-wise. Together, we have created the Kama Fitness studio and its programs with safety and fun in mind. 

Our mission to is to teach women to love their bodies, and love their workouts. 

Kickstart's Favorite Healthy e-Books!

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