Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's Your Limiting Factor?

Everyone has one. It's that one element in your life. The excuse. The real reason that's keeping you back from achieving your goals. Limiting Factors. These are commonly referred to as "excuses." We all struggle with them on a daily basis. They're the bad habits and thought processes we have through out our days that limit us. I'd like to discuss 3 of the biggest Limiting Factors I feel most people encounter.

The first, and probably the most common, is blaming our Genes. I have heard from countless friends, TV personalities, strangers, and even myself the myriad of excuses we all make for our failings. Perhaps the easiest to blame is our Genetics. What an easy out for most of us- it's in my genes! "I can't help it that I'm built like this", "I have a slow metabolism from my mother", "I get my huge legs from my dad!" and it goes on.

Let me first say this - while your genetics do play a huge role in who you are- your looks, your personality (perhaps), and  your predisposition to certain diseases, I guarantee that you can overcome all of these so-called obstacles. I'm a big believer in the idea that food is medicine - and that if you know yourself, from your oily or dry skin to your lactose intolerance, that you can properly care for, if not medicate your body through research. Eating well means living well- find the foods that work for you, not against you. If certain foods give you indigestion or make you break out - then limit or avoid them! If you have "your mother's thighs" then work them out through running and lower body strengh exercises and eat well. No one's fate is sealed solely in their genetic code.

Which leads me to my next Limiting Factor - Knowledge! Information on health is literally everywhere. Turn on the television, browse the internet, or open a magazine. Everyone's got an opinion, study or fact they just have to press on you. Where do we draw the line between fact and fiction? No one wants to be ignorant, especially when it comes to our health. So how do we clear the air here and realize what's accurate? Best advice is to find the truth in credible sources - do your research, but always make sure it's backed by a professional. One question I've developed for myself whenever someone gives advice is- "What are your credentials?" I wouldn't take auto mechanic advice from a divorce attorney; the idea is ridiculous. Make sure that the person giving the facts or tips is a legitimate resource of information.

The last Limiting Factor (and certainly not the final one- there are many more, these are simply the "biggest" ones, in my opinion) is your Social Support group. It's sad to say, but many people out there who pursue a healthy lifestyle find it to be difficult and sometimes lonely. Friends and family can try to tear you down simply because they're not committed to the same outcomes as you are. Both Psychological and Clinical Studies have shown that it is a rarity for many people to successfully follow a healthy and fit lifestyle without a strong network of support. It is important to surround yourself with others who will work with you and support your goals. And this doesn't just apply to fitness and healthy eating - this works in most spheres of life.

We all have Limiting Factors in our  everyday lives. The first, and possibly easiest step, is being able to identify your limiting factor. It's the strength to overcome it that takes true courage.

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