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Body Typing- Are you Eating and Working Out for Your Body Type?

...Or someone else's ? With the overload of fitness information in the world today, it's easy for most women to assume that what one celebrity or model does to look gorgeous will work for everyone.

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Let's stop wasting time, and get down to what you need to know in order to work out and eat for your body type. When it comes to achieving the best results for yourself, one of the first and most crucial things to know is - "What's my Somatype?" 

Let me put it this way: Have you ever wondered why some girls are so naturally thin, yet you seem to always gain weight easily? Or perhaps you are the thin type, and can't gain weight no matter how much you eat. And what about those girls who seem to have six-pack abs or killer legs without doing a single crunch or lunge?

The basic reason, as some may already know, is that we are all a unique combination of the 3 basic body types- Ectomorph (naturally thin), Endomorph (naturally curvy), and Mesomorph (muscular). Very few of us slip into one category completely- we are usually a mixture of the 2 or 3 of these. For easy reference, here's a visual to help you identify the three main types:

             Ectomorph - The naturally thin, waspy body type.         Victoria's Secret models are an example of this body type: 

Endormorph - Naturally develops both fat and muscle tissue easily. Endormorphs aren't always "fat"- they are usually curvy woman with strong legs. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Marilyn Monroe all fit into the Endomorph category: 



Mesomorph -   Women who can build muscle easily are categorized as Mesomorphs. These are the girls who are naturally strong and athletic, and can gain or lose weight easily. Famous examples of this body type
 are Madonna or Jillian Michaels:

It's likely that you are a mixture of 2 or 3 of these body types - Very few woman fall into just one category. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame is a combination Ecto-Mesomorph (she's very thin, but her body is well defined with muscle!)

OK- so you understand the basic body types. Now you need to know what YOU are-  try this quick quiz here to discover your body type.

Once you understand what your body type is, you can now adjust your eating and exercise habits to optimize your genetics to their potential!

Ectomorphs -

If you're reading this, you have the a lean body type- not a lot of fat, not a lot of muscle. You tend to have a small bone structure, and enjoy your fast metabolism (most likely the envy of many friends!) The best advice for you in order to gain muscle mass (if you're looking for a toned body, and losing some fat that you may carry) - is to enjoy more calories through out the day with 5-6 meals, packed with protein and healthy fats. When it comes to exercise, you are the ones who truly benefit from cardio, and have great endurance when it comes down to it. However, if you want to add curves and tone, you'll need to cut the cardio down to a few times a week so you don't lose too much weight. It would benefit you more to focus on strength training, lifting 3-4 times a week,  and work to lift heavy! Pilates, Yoga and any form of plyomteric exercises all work greatly to your benefit to get a firm, tight physique.

Endomorphs - 

Hello, curvy ladies - this is you! This body type is definitive of all girls who carry more fat on their hips, thighs, and abdomen (it can vary where, but you just tend to have an easy time gaining fat). The good news is, that you can benefit from putting on muscle strength just as easily- it just takes dedication in lifting 4-5 times a week, for 30-60 minutes each session. You have to constantly watch your weight and diet, and the best rules to abide by this in order to avoid fat gain is cardio (high intensity works well!) through running, incline walking, kickboxing, and dancing. Eating clean - avoiding processed foods, sugars and simple carbs, are the magic bullet to getting you a gorgeous figure. Aim to eat every 3-4 hours with smaller smeal-s about 200-250 calories each. Load up on veggies, raw or steamed, and enjoy fruit and nuts as your sugar and fat sources. Cheat meals should be kept to a minimum- about one meal a week is best.

Mesomorphs - 

If you sport a tighter stomach, with broad shoulders and chest that develop nicely, along with fat storage evenly though out your body- you are the muscularly-inclined Mesomorph. You gain muscle easily, and all it takes is sticking to a strength training program and healthy diet. As long as you stick to cardio 4-5 times a week, following a strength training program, you can maintain your natural hour glass figure. You are lucky to be able to gain muscle and burn fat more efficiently than other body types- so use it to your advantage!

The best  way to stay on track is to measure your progress! These devices are not only inexpensive, but they come with a simple instruction manual to ensure you are taking accurate measurements. 


Karlene Linxweiler said...

Thanks for reading my blog - I hope it helps you on your fitness journey. Leave a comment/question and I will get back to you.

~K said...

Karlene, I am an endomorph and not seeing a lot of results. After reading this, it looks like I need to bump up my strength training. What split do you recommend? I have been doing legs, back/bis, chest/tris, and shoulders. If I get pressed for time, I throw shoulders in with one of the arm days.

Also, what do you recommend for cardio (time) for each body group?

Thank you!

Karlene Linxweiler said...

Hey K - As an endomorph, it sounds like you have a great set up for a strength training routine. Be sure to be lifting heavy, with rests of 1-2 minutes in between eat set. Reps of 10-12 is a good rule of thumb for general training. The only question I have is where do you carry the most weight- legs, butt, waist? This would help me better answer your question about your workout split.
I would also concentrate more on your diet - limit your carbs to multi-grains and foods like oats, fruit, brown rice, beans - and try to eat carbs in the morning and right after a workout only. Focus on eating more veggies, healthy fats (nuts, natural peanut butter, avocado, olive oil) and lean sources of protein.
Hope this helps - You can e-mail me at if you need more info!

kamagra said...

As someone who played an official showcase show this year I asked myself a lot of the same questions. Thanks for putting this out there

Zach said...

This is an important factor. Addressing your body type can make a huge difference in your fitness results.

spencer wright said...

fitness is very important for body so thanks for giving a knowledge about this..

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