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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Many times I am asked by friends and clients questions about food. And it’s not always about calories and fat – often I am asked things like what the best thing to eat before a workout is, or how soon should you eat post-workout to get the best benefits?

I want to clear up the confusion on which foods are “the best” to have before you break a sweat, and what should be avoided. A lot of times, your body will naturally know what is good for it before and after a workout. 

For example, time has shown me that it’s best to avoid anything acidic – including salsa, orange juice and pasta sauce- within 4 hours before I plan on getting to the gym. Making this mistake in the past has led to indigestion and cramping, which made my workout uncomfortable and affected my performance.

If you’re planning on working out, be sure to space your meals accordingly. The best rule of thumb is to eat a small meal – about 200-400 calories- three to four hours beforehand. This should keep you satiated and provide enough energy to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

Try eating something only 200-400 calories within 2 hours
before a workout to avoid indigestion

If you plan on eating 1-2 hours beforehand, aim for a snack around 100 calories. Some good ideas are fruit that is non-acidic, like a banana, or something with protein and sugar, like a handful of trail mix, protein shake, or half of a protein bar and save the other half for when you finish lifting.

Making a homemade protein snack yourself to munch on 1-2 hours
before a workout will give you the energy you need 

If you are really pressed for time, or get a hunger pain suddenly, the best thing to eat within an hour before working out is a protein shake prepared with water, or a serving of fruit that is water heavy, like apples, grapes or watermelon.

For a complete list of Kickstart's Protein Shakes and Smoothies, check them out here!

For right before a workout, sipping on a protein shake made with low fat milk or water
and some fruit - like a banana - will keep you from burning out during your workout

The most important thing to remember is to be sure to avoid high-fat snacks and foods 2 hours within gym time- especially red meat and cheeses, this will definitely cause discomfort and indigestion.

During your workout, it is always important to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle close by and be sure to take a drink during rests. As you begin to sweat, no matter the temperature outside, you need to replenish your body’s water reserves.

Avoid heavy meals with dairy and meat - like this spaghetti squash casserole - until AFTER your workout to avoid indigestion, plus it's when your body will absorb it best!

After you workout, you should eat  within 15 minutes. In fact, the best time to get any carbohydrates into your system in within the first 60 minutes post-workout. Eating carbs in this time frame repletes glycogen stores in your muscles quickly, which means giving you body the energy it needs to complete any strenuous activity.

For your first meal post workout, it is a good idea to get lean protein into your diet. Grill tuna, salmon, turkey, chicken or a glass of low-fat milk. Other options make include the other half of your protein bar, protein shake, a salad with chicken, or a meal that is higher in calories.  This is the best time to eat more because your body will be ready to absorb and digest the nutrients best post-workout!

Keep drinking water with any of these meals to help your body absorb water-soluble nutrients. 

Try out my favorite brand of Whey Protein - MRM. I've been drinking it for 2 years now in my protein shakes, pancakes, cookies, and protein ice creams. MRM is low calorie at 87 per scoop, and has no additives, sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

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This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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