Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Better Body Image

Do you love Pinterest? 

If you're like most women, you probably do. It's amazing. It allows us to organize all those things we should be doing while we are searching for countless images, and lets our inner hoarder out in a socially acceptable way. 

You get to scan thousands of images attached to all your wildest dreams and then collect them! 

And while I  often  search for Clean Eating Recipes, fitness motivation, or ideas for my next home project - I often see a major theme that is starting to bug me. At least in the "Healthy and Fitness" section. 

What is with the unhealthy obsession with fitness pictures of unhealthy-thin girls? 

Just to clarify: I am NOT against women who are thin. I am FOR women who embrace their natural body types and keep a positive perspective on what health looks like.

 I have a fear (maybe irrational) that so many young girls and women are chasing unhealthy dreams of the coveted "thigh gap" or having their rib bones poke out, and hashtagging these ideas with something like "#fitspo" or "#fitspiration." 

I would love for more people in our culture to view health in all shapes and sizes - that a size 2 on one person may be perfectly healthy, but for other girls it's closer to a size 6-8. 

And either way, no matter what size your jeans say or what number the scale throws at you, YOU ARE PERFECTLY HEALTHY AND AMAZING. 

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and tell me your story! 

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