Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau!

If you feel the weight not coming off after all your hard work- no worries! Here are my favorite methods of breaking through the weight loss slump. 

Feeling like you're eating healthy, your workouts are spot on, and you STILL can't seem to make your body budge? 

We've all hit a weight loss plateau at some point. Here are my tried and true methods of how to break through a weight loss plateau and get your goals back on target!

Interval Cardio is AWESOME! If you are sick of running, biking, stair climbing, elliptical-ing for DAYS- Please Stop. Just stop. Switch up the rhythm - try going all out energy for 20-30 seconds, and going easy for 30-40 seconds. Repeat this for 15-20 minutes, and end with a 10 minute cool down. Trust me - if you're doing this right, your body will be DONE at 20 minutes. You can also mix in cardio with weight bearing exercises like this AMAZING interval cardio workout here. 

Calorie Cycling involves paying attention to eating less calories on easy, restful days, and consuming more calories on heavy workout days. i won't go into great detail about it here - but you can read this short article on my blog or check out how to do it for yourself in my eBook Training for Life

Add in an Extra Set of Reps for each weight lifting exercise. For example, if you normally do 3 sets of 10 reps for biceps curls, simply complete 4 sets of 10 reps. These extra sets add up fast, pushing you to burn more calories and build more muscle. 

Switch Up Your Cardio Routine - This is my personal favorite tip. Ever get bored of running for miles? Sick of watching reruns of the Kardashians while mindlessly pedaling on the elliptical? Switch things up and keep yourself interested by trying out a new cardio workout - like Booty Barre, Aerial Yoga or Pole Fitness! You can also try out different workout circuits like my favorite - The Dirty Thirty HIIT

Keep a Food Diary to help you stay on target with your goals. Having to take the extra 10 minutes or so to track what you eat can be worth it when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. If you mindlessly eat every day, you may not realize how much you are actually consuming until you look things over each day. 

Cut Out Carbs after 4pm - this one is a little more extreme, but worth consideration. Try to avoid carbs from breads, fruits, and starchy items like oats, pasta  and white rice. Save these foods for earlier in the day, like breakfast or right after a workout, so that your body will use them for energy and not storage. 

Take a Break- sometimes we all need to hit the reset button. Your body may not be responding anymore because it needs to rest. Take a few days off, reevaluate your goals, and come back to your healthy lifestyle with a positive, refreshed mind.  Sleep and letting your body recover can do wonders for getting your body to respond. 

Take Short Breaks between Sets when working out. To bring up the intensity and calorie burn in your workouts, reduce your breaks between weight training or cardio sets. So, if you take about 1 minute between biceps curls, reduce it to 30 seconds. You may be surprised at how this simple change can bring your workouts up a level. 

Hope these help! Try them out, and let me know your thoughts. What do YOU do when you hit a weight loss plateau? 

**Please note these are my opinion, and should not be taken as medical professional advice. 

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